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Overcoming obstacles to create the perfect domestic heating system


Papist Hall is a large domestic residence located in the beautiful countryside of Denby Dale. When its new owners moved in, they were initially happy with the existing heating and hot water system, but they were keen to see if any energy efficiency savings could be achieved by potentially upgrading. They contacted Kloska Heating Services to find out from the experts. They weren’t disappointed.



  • Complete heat loss calculations for the entire building
  • Design and install a state-of-the-art heating & hot water system to provide all year round heating and hot water comfort 
  • Deliver energy efficiency savings wherever possible



After providing an initial quote, the Kloska team discovered that the existing flue in the Papist Hall was made of asbestos. As such, as part of the entire process, a specialist asbestos removal firm was employed to completely remove the flue. Whilst they were removing the flue the company found several dead birds and an owl blocking the flue – they were also removed!


Looking at the existing heating system itself, we found it was made of steel a material which is not ideal for water quality and heat retention. 


Planning and approach

After completing detailed heat loss calculations, we informed the customer that their current boilers – one gas and one oil totalling 100kW – were completely oversized for the property and their specific requirements. We recommended replacing them with just one single 32kW boiler, a significant downsize that we knew would immediately enable the owners to save money on the energy bills.


A plate heat exchanger was a must-have with this project. With a plate heat exchanger, heat cuts through the surface and separates the hot medium (water in this case) from the cold. Heating and cooling fluids thereby use minimal energy levels and heat is always transferred from a hot medium to a cold medium which is far more energy efficient.



Initially, we were going to flush the hot water circuits since the tank feed went directly into the hot water circuit. However, always prepared for change to ensure the very highest quality solution, we decided mid-project to include an electric mixer in the heating system. This tweak enables the client to benefit from weather-compensated temperatures and achieve maximum efficiency and reduce energy costs.



Delivering significant energy savings and facilitating bespoke temperature control throughout the property, the client was delighted with the final system. This project also serves to prove that a system isn’t always what it appears to be. It’s not until you get going that you fully discover what’s involved. This means we have to be highly adaptable and flexible, traits we’re famous for here at Kloska Heating Services!