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LPG Services & Natural Gas

The Ideal Solution For Homes In Rural Areas.

We offer installations, repairs and servicing on all LPG and Natural Gas services.

LPG services are ideal for homes or business who are off the national gas grid or living in rural areas. We are fully qualified and insured to work on all LPG systems.


We recommend using Viessmann boilers in our home installs due to their proven track record of solid performance and superior long term durability over other manufacturers. Viessmann have a wide range of products which help us install a boiler that suits the exact requirements of your household.

LPG Testing

We test to relevant industry standards on all LPG services.

Natural Gas

Testing & installation up to IGEM/UP/1A. We are able to work on domestic and commercial installations with volumes up to 1m³.

We are trained and equipped to service the following appliances in any environment:

• Boilers

• Gas Fired Hot Water Heaters

• Radiant Tube Heaters

• Radiant Tube Heaters

• Forced Draft Air Heaters

• Commercial Space Heaters

• Radiant Heaters

• Direct Fired Heaters / Burners

Contact Us Regarding Commercial Installations