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Domestic Installations

Bespoke design and install heating systems.

We offer a bespoke design and install service for all home boiler installations.

Our rigorous approach to installs will ensure a variety of factors are taken into consideration before you are presented with an optimal heating solution. We stand out from other engineers by having experience working in a variety of households. Our understanding of the diversity of every installation helps keep us ahead of other engineers.


We take into consideration the specific requirements of the job, as well as working with industry leading manufacturers. This ensures your home has a heating solution that will perform at its absolute best for you and your family.


We prefer, and recommend the use of Viessmann boilers in our home installs due to their proven track record of solid performance and superior long-term durability over other manufacturers. Viessmann have a wide range of products which help us install a boiler that suits the exact requirements of your household.

Our Installation Process

Step 1 – Home Visit

• Assess The Size Of Your Property

• Calculate The Amount Of Input and Output Required

• Take Into Consideration Household Layout And Which Type Of Heating Would Be Suitable

• Specify Any Problems That May Arise


Step 2 – Research

• Appliance Type Selections

• Pipe / Pump / Header Sizing

• Radiator / Underfloor Heating Selection


Step 3 – Quote

• Cost & Timeline Agreed

• No Hidden Fees – All Eventualities Costs Are Covered


Step 4 – Works

• Agreed Design And Works Installed In Your Home


Step 5 – Completion

• Handover Process Begins

• Full Testing Is Completed For Safety And Proper Use

• Boiler Checks And Results Are Demonstrated

• Customer Sign Off When 100% Satisfied

We are trained and equipped to service the following appliances in any household.

• Boilers

• Swimming Pool Boilers

• Underfloor Heating

• Unvented Hot Water Systems

As well as standard radiators we also install bespoke radiators and underfloor heating.


We also fit and install unvented pressured hot water cylinder. Each system is bespoke to the property’s size, layout and usage demands. For more information on cylinder please contact us.

Contact Us Regarding Domestic Servicing