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Delivering residential energy savings of 56%


When Stephen’s former boss called him for advice about how to achieve the very best efficiency from a heating system at Toothill Hall, a large residential house near Huddersfield, Stephen quickly came up with a solution. His apprenticeship all those years ago had served him well as he was soon working as the heating engineer on-site and teaching his mentor a few new tricks!



  • Achieve energy efficiency savings
  • Implement a system that would provide various different temperatures throughout the house
  • Deliver on time and within an existing budget



After completing heat loss calculations, it was evident that the two existing 30kW boilers were not doing a particularly good job. The client also expressed that they would like to be able to create different temperatures throughout the property, a request that is not uncommon but often requires a bespoke solution. 


Typically, the downstairs temperature of a house will be required to be warmer than the upstairs temperature. Most of a person’s time is spent downstairs, whilst upstairs is frequented less and is often the area where bedrooms are located so a lower ambient temperature is needed to provide a comfortable sleeping environment.


Planning and implementation

Hot water loading – MORE INFO REQUIRED

In order to reach the desired objectives, we removed the two existing boilers and replaced them with a 32kW Weissman boiler which would offer optimum efficiency for both heating and hot water requirements.


We also split the upstairs and downstairs circuits by installing Weissman mixers that each operate at different temperatures thus providing instant controllable temperatures for the ground floor and first floor, up to 40°C and 30°C respectively.



Within a few months of the new system being installed, the client recorded a 56% saving on gas compared to the previous system. That’s what we call an energy saving result!