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Commercial Servicing

In-depth & Experienced Commercial Boiler Servicing.

We are able to strip and service any commercial heating appliance. Our team has experience in using a wide variety of heating systems in a range of locations, spaces and industries.

All servicing jobs are carried out to an exceptional standard. Our highly trained and qualified staff will perform a full in-depth procedure to check your organisation’s systems. We follow strict industry regulations of servicing gas appliances going above and beyond the GSIUR 26 (9) standard.


We will carry out a comprehensive audit of the appliance and bring any queries to your attention. Our process goes above and beyond the basic safety check of other engineers. This ensures we provide maximum value for you by identifying any potential future disruptions before they occur.

Our Servicing Process

• Step 1 – Visual check of appliance

• Step 2 – Check Air Supply & Ventilation requirements

• Step 3 – Check exhaust and flue system.

• Step 4 – Removal of Burner

• Step 5 – Check for damage and debris

• Step 6 – Clean Appliance

• Step 7 – Replace parts and test

• Step 8 – Test controls for correct operation

We are trained and equipped to service the following appliances in any environment:

• Boilers

• Gas Fired Hot Water Heaters

• Radiant Tube Heaters

• Forced Draft Air Heaters

• Commercial Space Heaters

• Radiant Heaters

• Direct Fired Heaters / Burners

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