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Care home renovation gets the Kloska treatment


Angelcare UK, a family company providing an exemplary standard of care to individuals in locations in Calderdale and Wakefield, approached the team at Kloska following the purchase of an HMO.


Wishing to completely renovate and transform the HMO into a high-quality nursing home complete with 27 ensuite bedrooms to add to the Angelcare portfolio.



  • Complete heat loss calculations for the entire building
  • Design and install a fit-for-purpose heating and hot water system that would provide residents with comfort and peace of mind all year round
  • Support with futureproofing the facility in relation to providing excellent residential care for many years to come



The existing heating and hot water system in the property was located in the basement of the building and afforded limited working space with a ceiling height of just 2m. Installing large commercial boilers in such a small space is a task in itself but one the Kloska team embraced head on.


Marking out the chimney was also key, along with ensuring whatever system the team designed was able to deliver heating and hot water throughout the building which comprised no fewer than four storeys.


Another issue the team had to overcome was the fact that there was only ventilation in the corridor leading to the boiler room, not in the actual boiler room itself. In order to address this, a door with a magnetic latch was installed to access the boiler room. This door is specifically designed to shut automatically should an alarm sound and the gas to the boilers would shut-off immediately. This would seal the boiler room and ensure the safety of residents and staff alike.


Planning and approach

After completing detailed heat loss calculations, 2 x 80kW boilers were selected. Both of these boilers are designed to work alongside each other to ensure the correct level of redundancy required throughout the facility. Each would also be able to store water if its counterpart ever malfunctioned. 



Complete separation from the old system was needed in order to prevent old and dirty water seeping contaminating the new system so loading units were used to prevent this. Alongside the installation of the two new boilers, a special boiler jig with extra holes to provide additional space for pipework was purposely built and added. The next step was to install a 20m long, stainless steel flue meter down inside the chimney to reach four storeys down into the plant room in the basement. 



Thanks to the Kloska team’s solution, the nursing home and its residents and staff benefit from instant, year-round access to 800 litres of hot water for all their requirements from bathing and WCs, to washing up and cleaning. At the same time, the system provides highly energy efficient heating via a network of radiators that can be adjusted to suit each individual’s needs.


We’re proud to continue to work with Angelcare UK at this nursing home as we return each year to service the system and ensure it is functioning safely, efficiently and effectively.